Liquavista launched a new bright and fast e-reader monochrome display

Liquavista today launched its first technology platform LiquavistaBright, aimed at the booming eReader space. Offering vastly improved usability, content compatibility and cost compared with the first generation of ereader’s, LiquavistaBright offers a high performance monochrome reflective display with video capability.

Liquavista are developing three technology platforms (LiquavistaBright™, LiquavistaColor™ and LiquavistaVivid™) planned for product implementation throughout 2010/2011.

The first technology platform, LiquavistaBright, will enable a smooth and fast user interface on eReader devices, thanks to the inherent video capability. Being able to move and scroll the content seamlessly will allow consumers to have a fully featured UI and significantly larger effective screen, enabling access to other more traditional online media such as web content and video, as well as both tabloid and broadsheet newsprint. In addition, these displays will be brighter and have more contrast than current solutions. The devices using the LiquavistaBright display can combine the durable eBook experience, which can be found in the current eReaders, with a new multimedia experience, which is according to recent marketing research one of the most requested benefits of future eReaders.

Posted: Nov 01,2009 by Ron Mertens