We're proud to announce our first Kindle game software: Nonograms. Nonograms (also known as Griddlers or Paint By Numbers) are simple yet challenging Japanese logic puzzle games in which your goal is to uncover the hidden black and white picture. Download this exciting game now for $2.99! If you like SuDoKu puzzles, you'll surely love Nonograms.

The puzzles contain a grid with number clues on the sides that help to reveal the hidden picture. The numbers measure how many blocks of black square there are in any given row and column, and the size of these blocks.

As we said, Nonograms for the Kindle costs $2.99 - and contain billions of puzzles. The devices supported are the Kindle 3, Kindle 2 and the Kindle DX. We'd love to hear your comments and hope you enjoy our first Kindle title. 

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