If you're a writer and an E ink enthusiast (but then again, who isn't?), you'd probably be interested in the Fusion Writer, a new crowd-funding campaign that is trying to raise $50,000 for the development of a portable E Ink word processor.

Although still in early-design stages, the Fusion Writer is meant to perform as a dedicated word processor for writers of all kinds, presenting significant advantages such as very long battery life, excellent screen for indoor and outdoor use, thin and light casing, charging via USB or solar energy and a 13" display that can be reversed to cover the keyboard and create a large e-reader.

The fusion Writer opts to cater to all writing needs, and include useful tools like multi-sharing capabilities, custom word processor and document editor, built-in dictionaries and email applications.

If you want to help fund this truly clever idea, hop over to the project page at Indie Gogo. For $399, you will get a platinum-edition writer. Not a bad deal if you ask me, but possibly a slow one – as they plan to start shipping the first units in April 2016.