E Ink shows a prototype LCD/E Ink phone, says to expect such a device in 2013

E Ink is showing an interesting prototype at IFA 2012 - a smartphone that has two displays, an LCD and an E Ink - one on each side. The E Ink will be used for reading and showing "persistant" data such as network status, battery level and information that the user needs for a long time (such as boarding pass information). This will not only conserve the battery but also free up space on the main (LCD or OLED) display.

The most interesting thing is that E Ink says that several vendors are considering this idea, with at least one vendor that plans to release such a phone in 2013. We can't wait!

To complicate matters, just a few days ago Amazon was awarded with a patent for a LCD/e-paper dual display Tablet - basically the same idea E Ink is showing here only with a tablet. Perhaps Amazon is the vendor planning such a device? 

Posted: Sep 02,2012 by Ron Mertens