E Ink just shared this funny new video, comparing E Ink e-readers to tablets for reading applications. They discuss the usual E Ink advantages (lower power and good readability under direct light) - but they also say that your e-reader is better than your tablet for reading - because it does not distract you with emails, messages and videos. The motto is "E Ink is the best for focused reading, anything less is a distraction":

Maybe I'm not objective, but I agree with them on that one. While most people prefer a tablet over an e-reader because it can do much more, I personally prefer my Kindle (the new paperwhite one) to read. I love that it's low-power and low weight (I cannot understand how people can hold a 900 gram tablet for hours) and of course the E Ink display is great. I also think it's true that when you read, a device that is actually less capable will be better...

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