PopSlate 2

PopSlate's 2nd-gen iPhone case offers a 4.7" 800x450 E Ink display for the back of your phone. The case adds 4mm to your phone, and connects to the phone via a Lightning connector that also charges your phone from the PopSlate's battery. The PopSlate 2 supports iPhone 6, 6S, 6 plus and 6S Plus.

PopSlate 2 photo

PopSlate launched a crowdfunding campaign to finalize development and production, and they already surpassed their $75,000 target.

Sony Huis

Sony Huis is an E Ink universal remote control that started its way as a crowd-funded project. It uses an E Ink display and can be customized to control all devices using a desktop companion application. The remote lasts for a month between charges.

The Huis swill ship in march 2016 for ¥27,950 (about $245).

Nagra IntuiTV

Nagra's IntuiTV is a streaming TV box that combines live TV channels with streaming applications (such as Netflix). The box's remote control has a large low-power dynamic E Ink display with customized shortcuts and dynamic buttons.

IntuiTV remove photo

The IntuiTV will not be sold to consumers, but will be offered to cable, satellite and telco providers as a white-label device

Amazon Snowball

Amazon's Snowball is a secure storage appliance that can be used to send up to 50 TB of data directly to Amazon to upload to AWS servers. The Snowball has an E Ink shipping label that automatically sets itself to ship to the customer and, after the data is loaded, ship back to Amazon Web Services.

Amazon snowball photo

The snowball device will cost $200 per job.

Rimowa Electronic Tag

Rimowa's Electronic Tag is an E Ink (flexible Mobius) display that is used as a luggage electronic tag. It enables airline passengers to perform the luggage check in from their home, and is already integrated into Lufthansa's application. The tag includes Bluetooth and the tag displays the luggage details for the airline staff. The flexible panel is safe and durable.

The Tag was developed by T-Systems, Airbus and Rimowa, and will be launched as a commercial product in early 2016 under the BAR2GO brand.


The Plastc is a connected multi-card device that can store up to 20 debit, credit, identity or loyalty cards, saving you the need to carry lot's of plastic cards. It uses a small touch E Ink display that shows card information, barcodes, QR codes, etc. It also supports chip and pin technologies, RFID, Bluetooth and NFC.

The Plastc will ship in the summer of 2015 for $155 (you can pre-order it today).

OAXIS InkCase i5

OAXIS' InkCase 5 is an E Ink case for Apple's iPhone 5 phone that has a 3.5" E Ink display that can act as a secondary display. The case comes with an application that allows you to control and manage the E Ink display to show images, notifications, reminders and other. The case uses Bluetooth to connect to the iPhone.

The InkCase 5 is now shipping for $169.99 in the US.

Faraday Porteur Electronic Bike

Faraday Bicycles' crowd-funded Electronic bike has a purpose-built design combining the speed and exhilaration of a state-of the-art e-bike with the timeless looks of a classic European city bike. It weighs less than 18 Kg, but still delivers a range of over 32 Km.

The bicycle's intuitive and low-profile handlebar controls are complemented by an E Ink display that provides information on the bike's battery status. The limited edition, US-made pilot production run will begin shipping in early 2014, and is entirely sold out. Pre-orders for Faraday's second production run, with an expected ship date of Q3 2014, can be placed now, for $3,500.

Gajah InkCase

Gajah's InkCase is a mobile phone cover with an E Ink display. There are two models, one for the iPhone 5 (with a 3.5" 360x600 display) and one for the Galaxy Note II (with a 4.3" 600x800). Both cases use Bluetooth to communicate with the phone.

The iPhone 5 case will cost $99 while the Note II case will cost $129. Gajah aims to launch these for the Chinese and Malaysian markets soon.

Yota Devices Ruby

Russia-based Yota Device's Ruby is an LTE hotspot device with a small E Ink display that shows the battery life and the status of the device: signal value, number of connected devices and the devices' mode - it can act as a secure or public-access point. The device supports LTE, HSPA+ and EDGE for the European market, and it has a configurable hardware radio for other bands.

The Ruby will launch in Russia in June 2013 for about $120, and will come to other countries in Europe later on.

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