LDLC Nemeio E Ink Keyboard

France-based LDLC's Nemeio is a smart keyboard in which each key is a small E Ink display. All the keys are customizable with the bundled application, and the keyboard can change according to the running application or website.

LDLC Nemeio photo

LDLC's plan is to ship the Nemeio in the "summer of 2019" for $300-$500.

Sonder keyboard

The Sonder Keyboard is a full keyboard in which all letter and numeric keys are small E Ink displays that can be customized. The keyboard supports Bluetooth and has front lighting.

The Sonder Keyboard was announced in June 2015, with a price tag of $299. The keyboard hasn't been released yet, but advanced pre-orders are available for $199. Sonder says the keyboard will ship by the end of 2016.

Jaasta E Ink Keyboard

Jaasta's E Ink Keyboard uses keys with E Ink displays, so the image can change when you change a language, or use a certain software (for special short-cuts), etc. A dynamic keyboard is not a new idea - we've seen phones with small E Ink keyboards (such as the 2010 Samsung Zeal) and full keyboards with OLED displays. But this is the first full QWERTY keyboard with E Ink displays.

Jaasta plans to fund this project soon with a crowdfunding campaign. The price will be around $300.

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