Dasung Not-eReader 103

Dasung's Not-eReader 103 is a smart E Ink tablet that features a 10.3" 228 PPI 1872x1404 E Ink display, Android 9.0 OS, 4G of storage, a TF card slot and a fast Snapdragon 660 chipset. It supports both hand and pen touch.

Beyond its capacity as a tablet and e-reader, the Not-eReader can be used to connect to a PC or smartphone and mirror it as a mobile monitor.

Dasung has launched a crowdfunding campaign today for the new tablet, and it offers early bird discounts and also a free leather case for early supporters. Price starts at $768, and the device will ship in November 2020.

Last year we reviewed Dasung's 13.3" E Ink Paperlike HD-FT monitor and were quite impressed, we're looking forward to testing the new Not-eReader!

E Ink display info:  
10.3" 872x1404 E Ink
Posted:   Sep 02,2020 by Ron Mertens