A Chinese-Finnish project will bring low-cost solar-powered e-paper devices to rural China

A new Chinese-Finnish joint project aims to bring low cost e-paper devices and broadcast technologies to remote population and disaster struck areas. The plan is to create a low-cost, energy efficient (enough to run from solar power) e-paper device. This device will only receive information, and not transmit any.

The information will be broadcast via a digital television signal, and will bring news, education material and official government bulletins.

They say that this device will be cheaper then Amazon's Kindle for example. They will also run a pilot with a Chinese newspaper that will provide the content.

The partners in this project are the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Aalto University and Shanghai’s research group National Engineering Center of Digital Television (NERC-DTV).

Posted: Sep 07,2011 by Ron Mertens