Visionect helps develop a solar-powered ePaper-based violence prevention system

Mexico-based PERO360 developed a new solar-powered E Ink kiosk called Community HUB, that help students in schools report violence cases anonymously and safely. A 12-month trial in Mexico saw rediced abusive behavior and helped the school implement new violence prevention politics. Community HUB won the World Summit Aware for Inclusion and Empowerment.

Community HUB photo

The Community HUB uses Visionect's E Ink system. The developers say e-paper is the best fit for this kind of application due to the low power consumption and the outdoor visibility.

Amazon Kindle was a huge success at the company's second annual Prime Day

Amazon reportedly enjoyed tremendous success with its second annual Prime Day. According to the Good E-Reader, one of the biggest success stories was the Kindle e-Reader - Amazon sold a few hundred thousand of its Kindles worldwide.

Amazon Kindle Oasis photo

Amazon offers several e-reader Kindles - from the basic models up to the high-end $290 Kindle Oasis. It's likely that most people opted for the cheaper, basic Kindle.

Is Amazon ready to release an 8" color electrowetting e-reader soon?

Back in 2013, Samsung sold LiquaVista, its electrowetting display unit, to Amazon (Samsung itself bought Liquavista in 2011). Electrowetting enables low-power non-volatile color e-paper displays, but the technology has not been commercialized yet.

According to Good-E-Reader, Amazon is now developing an 8" color e-reader that uses an electrowetting display, and it plans to release this new e-reader towards the end of 2016. Amazon will produce these new displays in China - at the Beijing Century Joyo Information Technology's fab in Shenzhen. This is of course not confirmed yet or anything, it'll be interesting to see if Amazon is indeed so far advanced with its Electrowetting tech.

E Ink installs a prototype 32" E Ink display in Boston's city hall

In June 2014 (exactly two years ago), E Ink and GDS announced the world's largest e-paper module, a 32" 2560x1440 display that targets digital signage and information kiosk applications.

A few days ago, E Ink and GDS installed a prototype 32" solar-powered E Ink display on Boston's City Hall Plaza. The sign will provide information on local events and help residents and visitors locate nearby landmarks