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We are happy to invite all our readers to follow the new E-Ink-Info LinkedIn company page. LinkedIn is a great place to meet and find new professionals. If you follow the new company page, you will get ePaper updates directly to your feed, and also be able to connect to other ePaper professionals.

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In addition to the company page, we have also setup a new e-Paper interest group - which will hopefully become a new forum for discussions and an exchange of knowledge, news and opinions. All focused on e-Paper and E Ink, of course. Join our new group now!


Terrada Music Score's Gvido is an E Ink sheet music device, that lets you see sheet music pages (PDFs) on two 13.3" flexible (Mobius) E Ink displays. The device also includes input via a stylus (Wacom). The device features Wi-Fi, bluetooth, 8GB of internal memory and micro SD slot. The whole device weighs only 650 grams.

Gvido photo

The Gvido was introduced in June 2016 and is scheduled for release by the end of 2017.

E Ink signs a 5-year e-paper shelf label supply deal with Media Markt

According to the Economic Daily News, E InK Holdings signed a 5-year supply agreement with Germany-based consumer electronics retail chain, for the supply of electric shelf labels (ESLs).

E Ink says that it already cooperated with 20 retail chains around the world, to perform ESL trials, but this may be the company's first large-scale deployment agreement.

Clearink and Suzhou Jinfu to jointly supply e-paper displays in China

E-paper developer CLEARink Displays announced that it has established a joint venture in China with Suzhou Jinfu to commercialize Clearink's breakthrough reflective display technology for various ePaper applications in China.

The new JV will target several applications - including mobile phones, wearable devices, tablets, eReaders and electronic shelf labels. Clearink aims to launch the first monochrome display early in 2017, and color displays in 2018.

E Ink demonstrate new color and flexible e-Paper panels at SID 2016

E Ink had a very interesting booth at SID 2016, showcasing its new color e-paper displays, and also other new and existing displays and prototypes.

First up, we have E Ink's new Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP), which is a high-quality full-color E Ink display. ACeP enables rich-color displays, which is enabled by colored pigments and not color-filters like in E Ink's older color displays.

Dasung launches a crowdfunding campaign for its 13.3" E Ink monitors

In January 2015, Dasung launched the Paperlike - a 13.3" 1600x1200 USB E Ink monitor, aimed to be a secondary computer display for reading documents. The company offered the first few units for $975, and has now launched an IndieGogo flexible campaign to sell the second batch of monitors.

The PaperLike project already raised over $48,000 - and each monitor costs $799. Dasung estimates that it will start shipping those monitors in August 2016.

E Ink and Canatu to offer flexible touch E Ink displays for wearable applications

E Ink and Canatu announced a new partnership, to develop a line of flexible touch displays for the wearable markets. The first product will be ready next month (July 2016) - a bendable ultra-thin (0.162 mm) 6.3" touch-enabled E Ink display.

The new display will have a resolution of 200x1040 (169 PPI) with 16 gray levels. It's short and long and suitable for applications such as bracelets and other wrist worn devices. The two companies will hopefully offer other display sizes in the future too.

ynvisible ink kit - create your own electrochrommic printed displaysynvisible ink kit - create your own electrochrommic printed displays