E Ink Holdings reports lower revenues and a loss in Q1 2016

E Ink Holdings reported its financial results for Q1 2016 - revenues were  NT$2.5 billion ($76.6 million USD) and the net loss was NT$272 million ($3.84 USD) - down from a net profit of NT$766 in Q4 2015 (but up from a loss of $1.23 billion in Q1 2015).

EIH says that its licensing revenues from Hydis FFS LCD technology is lower than it used to be because the display industry is shifting from LCD to OLED technologies.

RRAM-Info, a new Metalgrass knowledge hub

We are happy to announce a new Metalgrass knowledge hub, RRAM-Info.com, that focuses on RRAM, or Resistive RAM technology. RRAM is a promising next-generation storage-memory candidate, based on memristors - materials that change their resistance.

RRAM-Info will bring you daily news, commentary and updates about RRAM memory technologies. You can subscribe to our weekly RRAM newsletter here - and if you have not done so already, be sure to also subscribe to the free e-paper newsletter!

Visionect discusses digital signage e-paper deployment issues

E Ink developer and integrator Visionect published a new article in which the company analyses all the intricacies of deploying electronic paper in different digital signage scenarios.

Visionect 32'' E Ink dev kit photo

The article discusses the need of a new kind of signage, the power efficiency and readability of e-paper, and the challenges in deploying e-paper signage solutions. This is a very comprehensive report, and is a good read for anyone interested in signage and in e-paper. Read it here.

Onyx Boox Max 13.3

The Onyx Boox Max 13.3 is a large e-reader that uses a 13.3" 1600x1200 (150 PPI) 16-grey scale flexible E Ink display. The Max 13.3 is based on a customized Android 4.0 OS and comes with an electromagnetic pen touch with pressure for natural handwriting input.

Onyx Boox Max 13.3 photo

The Boox Max 13.3 will ship on 20 May 2016 for $650. If you pre-order now you will get a $65 gift pack that includes a 32GB TF-card, a special bag and a high class notebook.

Guangzou OED develops a graphene-based e-paper technology, to start making displays within a year

China-based e-paper developer Guangzou OED Technologies announced that it developed a new graphene e-paper technology. The company aims to start producing these new screens within a year.

Graphene is the world's strongest and most conductive (to both electricity and heat) material, and it is set to revolutionize many industries - including the display industry. The company says that the new graphene-based paper is brighter and more flexible. The graphene paper is also said to have "more intensity", but I'm not sure what this means.