CHK to introduce E Ink digital bus stops and other public transportation information solutions

CHK America, a designer of public transportation customer information solution signed an agreement with E Ink to co-develop advanced digital wayfinding solutions utilizing E Ink technology.

CHK E Ink Digital Bus Stop photo

The first products to introduce are Digital Bus Stops (as you can see above). These provide easily-readable up dated bus stop schedule and work under all lighting conditions. CHK is also developing additional E Ink based products across various industry sectors including transit agencies and smart city developers.

Visionect introduces a 32" color/B&W E Ink development kit

Visionect, together with E Ink, launched a new 32" E Ink development kit. This new dev kit supports the largest e-paper module in production. The new kit is available either in monochrome (2560x1440, 16-level grayscale) or color (1280x720).

Visionect 32'' E Ink dev kit photo

Both kits feature ab LED front-light and an integrated ambient light sensor. The kits are already on offer at Visionect's online store.

Dai Nippon Printing and E ink to co-develop E Ink based products

Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) announced a strategic partnership with E Ink to co-develop and co-market products that use E Ink displays. DNP will use its strong sales network in Japan to market new products targeted at the marketing and sales promotion segment of the retail market, and the security card and smartcard business for the financial and transportation market segments.

DNP and E Ink booth at RetailTech Japan 2016

E Ink will provide e-paper displays and engineering support to DNP. The two companies will focus on two product types. The first will incorporating E Ink Prism color changing film into retail promotion displays used by retailers for new product launches, in-store promotions and numerous marketing and merchandising activities. 

The Calendar Watch

The Calendar Watch is a simple smartwatch that uses an E Ink display below analog clock hands to show what parts of the day are busy. The watch is controlled by your smartphone - both the calendar display and the clock itself.

The Calendar Watch photo

The Calendar Watch is crowdfunded, will launch in September 2016 and will cost $480 for the baaseline-model.

E Ink plans to start producing large E Ink panels

Back in June 2014, E Ink (together with GDS) developed a 32" 2560x1440 E Ink display, which is the world's largest e-paper panel. According to a new report, E Ink aims to produce even larger panels, with the first one being released later in 2016.

E Ink's chairman admits that the company does not have sufficient production capacity to produce large E Ink panels in volume, and it will have to look for manufacturing partners. The company prefers to find a partner in Taiwan - AU Optronics, Innolux and Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) are all possible partners.

PopSlate 2

PopSlate's 2nd-gen iPhone case offers a 4.7" 800x450 E Ink display for the back of your phone. The case adds 4mm to your phone, and connects to the phone via a Lightning connector that also charges your phone from the PopSlate's battery. The PopSlate 2 supports iPhone 6, 6S, 6 plus and 6S Plus.

PopSlate 2 photo

PopSlate launched a crowdfunding campaign to finalize development and production, and they already surpassed their $75,000 target.

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