London installs solar-powered E Ink bus stop information boards

London just installed several solar-powered e-paper (E Ink) bus arrival times and interactive bus route maps on some bus stops. Buttons at the bottom of the screen allow the user to choose between real-time arrival information, route maps and important service notifications.

London E Ink bus route maps

The new e-paper displays are based on Visionect technology and designed by Technoframe. Visionect installed similar solutions in Sydney, Australia and in Ljubljana.

Polyera's Special Projects VP explains the company's OTFT backplane technology and business

In August 2015 Polyera, a US-based OTFT backplane developer, announced their first product, the Wove Band flexible E Ink smart band, to be released in the second half of 2016. We wanted to learn more about Polyera's technology and business, and the company's Special Projects VP, Brendan Florez, was kind enough to answer a few questions we had.

Brendan has been with Polyera since 2008. Prior to joining Polyera, Brendan was an early employee at Rosetta, a digital marketing agency. Brendan holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University.

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