E Ink and China's Jiangxi Holitech to collaborate on E Ink displays

E Ink Holdings announced a strategic partnership with Chinese LCD panel maker Jiangxi Holitech Technology. E Ink will collaborate with JiangXi to expand the use of EPD displays to mobile phones, wearable devices, retail electronic labels and digital price-tags.

E Ink hopes that this new agreement will allow them to boost their market share in China's e-paper display market. E Ink will supply displays and modules to Jiangxi - and will also provide advanced technologies to help Jiangxi develop E Ink based devices.

GoodEReader wants to crowdfund the ultimate e-reader

The GoodEReader web site launched a $220,000 crowd funding campaign to develop the "ultimate e-reader". If successful, they will develop a 6" touch front-lit 1430x1080 E Ink Carta e-reader that features a 1Ghz CPU, 512MB RAM and 8GB of storage (plus a microSD slot). The e-reader will be based on an open Android 6 operation system. 

The ultimate e-reader concept

The Ultimate E-reader will cost $189.99. Together with the e-reader device, the project will also launch the first App Store designed specifically for E Ink devices. 

E Ink and Palladio unveil a smart pharmaceutical package solution

Pharmaceutical packaging solution developer Palladio collaborated with E Ink to create a new advanced packaging solution specifically for pharmaceuticals, called PhutureMed. The new solution supports a number of features to monitor the quality of medicines shipped to patients and improve the adherence of patients to prescribed drug therapies.

Palladio E Ink PhutureMed

PhurureMed packaging has a small integrated E Ink display and sensors to constantly monitor the ambient conditions of the medication. The E Ink display shows the patient or customer any events that occur outside the required handling conditions, even if the batteries are completely drained.

Amazon Snowball

Amazon's Snowball is a secure storage appliance that can be used to send up to 50 TB of data directly to Amazon to upload to AWS servers. The Snowball has an E Ink shipping label that automatically sets itself to ship to the customer and, after the data is loaded, ship back to Amazon Web Services.

Amazon snowball photo

The snowball device will cost $200 per job.

Looksee launches a successful crowdfunding campaign for their Eyecatcher E Ink bracelet

Looksee's announced the smart Eyecatcher E Ink Bracelet earlier this year, and now the company launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to fund this interesting device. The company's goal was to raise $75,000 and they quickly met the goal.

The Eyecatcher is a smart wearable device that has a large curved E Ink display (150 PPI) that can show custom images and phone notifications. The display is always on, and the device should last for months on a single charge - depending on the number of times you will change the display. If you update once every hour it will last for a year.

Noteslate Shiro

The Noteslate Shiro is an E Ink "writing slate" - or an e-reader that accepts input via a pressure-sensitive stylus. The display is a 6.8" 1080x1440 E Ink pearl, and other features include a 1 Ghz CPU, 8GB of storage, microSD slot and Wi-Fi. It runs on Noteslate's own OS.

Noteslate Shiro photo

Noteslate aims to ship the Shiro by February 2016, for $199.

Polyera details the Wove Band E Ink display specifications

A few weeks ago Polyera unveiled their first product, the Wove Band - which is based on the company's OTFT flexible backplane technology. Now Polyera revealed the technical specification of this interesting device.

The Wove Band will use a touch E Ink display that is 30 x 156 mm in size with a 1040x200 resolution. Other features include a 1Ghz dual-core CPU, 4GB of storage, 512 MB of RAM and a 230 mAh battery. The Wove runs on Polyera's Wove OS which is based on Android 5.1.

E-Ink-Info gets a new server and responsive design

Today we moved E-Ink-Info to a new, faster server, and also launched a new new design - which is cleaner and is also mobile-friendly and should prove easier to read on smartphones.

E-Ink-Info new responsive design (2015)

We hope the new server and design will make E-Ink-Info faster, nicer and easier to read, we'll be happy to hear your thoughts and comments!

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