Microsoft demonstrates a tablet keyboard cover with an E Ink touch display

Microsoft presented a new prototype tablet keyboard cover that they call DisplayCover, and it includes a 1280x305 E Ink touch screen. This can be used to access applications via shortcuts, and can also accept stylus input and touch gestures.

Microsoft says they opted for an E Ink because it's very power efficient. This is just a prototype, but hopefully Microsoft will commercialize a similar tablet cover one day.

Polyera Wove Band

Polyera's Wove Band uses the company's OTFT (organic-TFT) flexible backplane technology and a touch E Ink display. The display is 30 x 156 mm in size and the resolution is 1040x200. Other features include a 1Ghz dual-core CPU, 4GB of storage, 512 MB of RAM and a 230 mAh battery. The Wove runs on Polyera's Wove OS which is based on Android 5.1.

The Wove was announced in August 2015, but it will only be released commercially in mid-2016. Polyera will start shipping samples in December 2015 to developers and artists.

E Ink and Netronix announced a new JV to integrate and assemble e-paper devices

E Ink Holdings announced a new joint-venture with e-reader maker Netronix. The two companies iwll launch a new JV (Netronix will hold a 51% share) in China's Jaingsu province that will focus on e-paper system integration and product assembly services.

E Ink says that the new venture will provide its services for applications such as smartphone back covers, electronic shelf labels and e-paper billboards. Production (or assembly/integration, really) will begin in October 2015.

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