YotaDevices is developing a next-gen YotaPhone with a better E Ink display

A YotaDevice executive in the US says that the company is developing their next-generation device (the YotaPhone 3?) that will replace the YotaPhone 2, which is only now being launched in the US. The new device will be faster, thinner and will include a sharper display and a 'better E ink display'. The Russia-based company is also developing the YotaPhone 2c which will be a cheaper alternative to the YotaPhone 2.

The YotaPhone 2 sports a 5" OLED display, a 4.7" E Ink touch screen on the back, a quad-core 2.2 Ghz CPU, 2GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage and a 8mp camera.

Siswoo R9 Darkmoon

China-based Siswoo's R9 Darkmoon is a dual-screen smartphone that has a 5" Full-HD LCD display and a secondary 4.7" 540x960 E Ink display. The E Ink can be used to display e-books, and Siswoo is also talking to consumers to think of how to use the secondary panel.

Siswood dual-screen phone

Other features of the R9 Darkmoon: Android 5.0, 1.7Ghz 64-bit octa-core CPU, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal memory, Dual-SIm, LTE, and Qi wireless charging. The R9 Darkmoon will be released "soon", according to Siswoo.