Amazon announced that the Kindle DX will start shipping on June 10th. It costs 489$, and currently available for pre-order. The Amazon Kindle DX is a wireless e-book reader. It got a large (9.7", 1200x824, at 150 ppi with 16 shades of gray) E Ink display, and Amazon is not just aiming this for books - but also for newspapers (they already signed up the NY Times, Wall street journal, The New Yorker and Time magazine). 

Amazon kindle DXAmazon kindle DX

The DX weights 535 grams, and the size is 10.4" x 7.2" x 0.38". It's got 4GB of internal memory (around 3.3Gb of which are available to the user). The modem is a EVDO 1xRTT (Sprint 3G).