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The kind folks at E Ink have sent me some demo displays. The first one is the Lexar Jumpdrive mercury. This is a USB drive that has a capacity meter. The E Ink displays needs refreshing only when it is connected to the computer anyway, so it's the perfect display. The display looks rather good, and it's a nice use for E Ink. The jumpdrive costs 9.99$ for the 2GB version.

Lexar jumpdriveLexar jumpdrive mercury

The second thing I got is the Esquire magazine with the E Ink display. It's a big display on the cover. It basically consists of several words and photos, and the display just lights on or off in all sorts of sequences. It's not an active-matrix display, but a segmented one. Ir runs on batteries, and still goes on since October 2008 - much more than they originally anticipated...

Esquire magazine E Ink display photoEsquire magazine E Ink cover

There's actually a second E Ink in the first page of the magzine (sharing the electronics with the first display). This time it's an advertisement for ford. This display is really simple, just lighting up a third of the photograph each time. It's not very bright, and actually not so easy to notice.

Esquire magazine ford ad E Ink display photoEsquire ford ad E Ink