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EIH reports its financial results for Q3 2016, is exiting the LCD market to focus on e-Paper displays

Nov 16, 2016

E Ink Holdings reported its financial results for Q3 2016. Net income was NT$509 million ($US 16 million), a 35% drop from Q2 2016. This drop in earnings was mostly due to lower patent royalty income from its LCD business.

E Ink is exiting the LCD market, and the company expects that all revenues in 2017 will come from e-paper displays. The company's main growth driver in the next few years will be electronic shelf labels.

E Ink Holdings reports lower revenues and a loss in Q1 2016

May 18, 2016

E Ink Holdings reported its financial results for Q1 2016 - revenues were  NT$2.5 billion ($76.6 million USD) and the net loss was NT$272 million ($3.84 USD) - down from a net profit of NT$766 in Q4 2015 (but up from a loss of $1.23 billion in Q1 2015).

EIH says that its licensing revenues from Hydis FFS LCD technology is lower than it used to be because the display industry is shifting from LCD to OLED technologies.

E Ink Holdings' 2015 profit grew to $16.7 million

Apr 03, 2016

E Ink Holdings reported their financial results for 2015. The ePaper maker says the profit grew to $16.7 million (up from $0.4 million in 2014) mostly due to higher royalty income and better gross margins (31% in 2015, up from 22% in 2014).

E Ink's royalties come from its LCD business, as its subsidiary Hydis Technologies owns some important LCD patents that it licenses to other makers. Hydis itself stopped making LCDs in 2014.

E Ink invest in Wuxi Vision Peak, to collaborate on e-paper applications

Jan 28, 2016

E Ink announced announced an investment it made in Wuxi Vision Peak Technology (previously Wuxi Wei Feng Technology), a service provider in e-paper display R&D.

E Ink (which invested in Wuxi via its subsidiary Transcend Optronics) and Wuxi Vision Peak will form a strategic partnership and join foruces to expand the E Ink market and promote the use of e-paper in applciations such as electronic price tags and electronic shelf labels. Besides the investment, E Ink will provide technical support.

Smart Stickers want to raise $75,000 to make $30 E Ink devices

Nov 24, 2015

A new crowdfunding campaign at IndieGogo aims to raise $75,000 to produce Smart Stickers, a 40 grams real-time display that uses a 2.7" E Ink display and connects to any smartphone to display notifications, missed call, reminders or any other information you can think of via the API.

The Smart Sticker costs only $30, and if the campaign is successful, the first products will (hopefully) be available by February 2016.

Sony to develop an E Ink remote controller

Jul 03, 2015

Sony launched its own crowd funding platform helped to find and finance Sony employees projects. The platform is called First Flight, and two of the first three projects use E Ink displays.

Sony HUIS E Ink remote photo

One of the E Ink projects is Sony's FES E Ink watch, that already attempted crowd funding back in 2014. The second project is the HUIS E Ink remote controller - and this one already managed to raise over $72,000 (well past its $40,000 target).