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E Ink and Dai Nippon to launch a new E Ink Prism based retail system

Mar 08, 2017

In March 2016 Dai Nippon Printing (DNP) announced a strategic partnership with E Ink to co-develop and co-market products that use E Ink displays - mainly targeting the retail market and also security cards and smartcards.

DNP and E Ink booth at RetailTech Japan 2016

E Ink Holdings now says that the two companies will launch a point-of-purchase (POP) interactive advertising display next month. The POP solution will be based on E Ink's Prism color-variable e-paper technology. The system can "sense consumers' shopping behavior" and display responsive colors and patterns "in line with the sensed behavior". The idea is that such a display will make products more visible and attractive to consumers.

E Ink signs a strategic agreement with Dalian DKE LCD to co-promote e-paper applications in China

Nov 30, 2016

E Ink Holdings signed a strategic agreement with Chinese industrial LCD maker Dalian DKE LCD to co-promote e-Paper applications in China. E Ink Holdings signed the agreement via its China-based e-Paper subsidiary Transcend Optronics.

As part of the agreement, E Ink's technology will be used by DKE to develop price-competitive segmented e-paper display solutions for IoT applications. DKE will produce the displays using its STN (super-twisted nematic)-TFT manufacturing equipment.

EIH reports its financial results for Q3 2016, is exiting the LCD market to focus on e-Paper displays

Nov 16, 2016

E Ink Holdings reported its financial results for Q3 2016. Net income was NT$509 million ($US 16 million), a 35% drop from Q2 2016. This drop in earnings was mostly due to lower patent royalty income from its LCD business.

E Ink is exiting the LCD market, and the company expects that all revenues in 2017 will come from e-paper displays. The company's main growth driver in the next few years will be electronic shelf labels.

Japan Display and E Ink Holdings enter into a long-term ePaper strategic alliance

Nov 09, 2016

Japan Display (JDI) announced that it has entered into a long-term strategic alliance with E Ink Holdings for e-paper business. JDI aims to integrate E Ink e-paper displays into its product offering for digital signage and mobile phone customers.

JDI aims to develop new E Ink products based on its innovative LTPS and Pixel Eyes in-cell touch technologies. JDI sees new application such as dynamic computer keyboards, display cards, automotive displays, education, IoT and more.

E Ink, HTC and Palladio to co-develop smart medication packaging labels

Oct 05, 2016

E Ink announced a partnership with HTC Healthcare and the Palladio Group to develop E Ink smart medication packaging labels. The three companies will develop an IoT-based smart device and smartphone software that will improve medication adherence.

E-Ink, HTC and Palladio - smart healthcare packaging photo

The E Ink label will display personalized content that can be pushed to the packaging label as a communication interface, delivering vital information to patients and creating a gateway to improve patient engagement.

Rumors say Apple is considering a secondary E Ink display in future iPhones

Sep 28, 2016

A report by the Taiwanese the Economic Daily News suggests that Apple requested display samples from E Ink Holdings, as the iPhone maker is considering adding a secondary E Ink panel to future devices.

Siswood R9 Darkmoon photoSiswood dual-screen phone

Even if this report is true, this is still a very early stage and can even indicate a testing request and nothing more. E Ink did not confirm the reports, of course, saying that "We are aggressively exploring business opportunities to use our e-paper displays as secondary screens on mobile phones". Stocks in E Ink Holdings soared to an almost four-year high following this report, though.